Strategies & Tools For Small Business Valuation

Strategies and Tools For Small Business Valuation

In reality, a business is simply an investment medium and its value is determined by the returns that it offers to shareholders. Existing and potential small business owners who appreciate business valuation concepts and investment returns can make informed decisions and maximize opportunities to improve performance and profitability when they arise.

An informed small business owner should be able to identify the factors that maximize these returns. The factors should be used to generate a solid base for both setting financial goals and developing strategic plans to enhance the overall financial value and performance of the business.

However, as with all business decisions, there is no likelihood that you will be able to provide “perfect” answers into any financial model that analyzes the future performance of a small business or project.

The Small Business Financial Valuation Model is designed to simplify the financial valuation process of buying, selling or establishing a small to medium sized business operation.

Small Business Valuation Model

The goal of the Small Business Valuation Model is to provide a highly optimized and robust decision analysis tool to indicate possible outcomes through sophisticated sensitivity analysis, investment return, and financial valuation techniques.

Combining relative indicators for future performance with basic financial data (Revenue, Variable Costs and Fixed Costs), the Small Business Valuation Model provides an economical, efficient and effective business valuation tool for all small business owners, business consultants, financial analysts, as well as MBA students seeking a highly realistic and practical guide to financial valuation and analysis.

The Small Business Valuation Model applies expert opinion and your business & market knowledge, to an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface to provide a 3 year performance forecast for the business.

Built entirely in Microsoft Excel to leverage superior spreadsheet capabilities, and underpinned by robust, industry standard financial modeling analytics, the Small Business Valuation Model is compact, extremely easy to use, and requires minimal inputs.

To account for the intrinsic uncertainty of business forecasts, the Small Business Valuation Model allows you to apply sensitivity analysis to produce Optimistic, Expected and Pessimistic forecasts for your small business operation.

Based on the input parameters that you provide on your business financial metrics, the financial model calculates a return on investment and financial valuation for each of the forecast scenarios.

Outputs are presented in visually attractive tabular and graphical form, allowing easy export from Excel to Powerpoint or Word for investment presentations, memos or prospectus documents.

Download the Business Valuation Model today. Click here for details.

The Small Business Valuation Model is offered with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Software is in Microsoft Excel format and Excel is required for use.

License Type: Non-Commercial Licenses are for private and internal business use only. They do not cover the commercial use of software for inter-business support, advice, or consulting. Commercial Licenses allow you to use your software for inter-business support, advice, or consulting. This license type is generally suitable for Accountants, Consultants, Valuers, Realtors and other professionals providing a service to their clients.

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