Other Financial Ratios Used in Financial Modeling

Other Common Financial Ratios Used in Financial Modeling

We have covered the most commonly used financial ratios that a financial analyst will come across when building a financial model, and a good financial analyst should be aware that the financial ratios we reviewed are a sub-set of many more used in financial modeling and financial analysis at large.

Look at the illustration below for examples of more financial ratios.


There is also an excellent financial ratio analysis template available in the Finance 3.0 forums, that allows you to calculate, analyze and compare a set of business & financial ratios to assess & measure the operating performance of your own business or businesses / stocks that you intend to invest in.

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2 Responses to “Other Financial Ratios Used in Financial Modeling”

  1. You have highlighted some very important financial ratios in our field, thank you.

  2. This page provides some very sound financial ratios to be used across industries. I was wondering, are there any industry specific ratios? for instance in real estate or telecom?

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