Useful Speadsheet (Excel) Functions for Financial Modeling

Useful Speadsheet (Excel) Functions for Financial Modeling

A good financial analyst will make intelligent use of spreadsheet functions that can help design and build financial models efficiently and accurately, minimize spreadsheet risk, and increase the confidence of users in the financial model.

Certain spreadsheet functions are also very helpful in analyzing and making sense of large volumes of data, performing statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis, or creating charts, tables and forms.

Some useful spreadsheet (MS Excel) functions include:

  1. Audit functions
  2. Grouping functions
  3. Choose function
  4. Range naming techniques
  5. Calculate enable/disable option
  6. Protecting worksheets
  7. Filters (to display selected queries)
  8. Data Sorting
  9. Data input validation
  10. Data tables for sensitivity analysis
  11. Forms & Format controls for sensitivity analysis

Refer to your Excel manual or help function for more details on how to utilize spreadsheet functions that are useful to financial modeling and analysis.

There is also a useful reference guide for using Excel for Financial Analysis and Excel Short Cuts check list available in the Finance 3.0 forums.

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