About FMG

Welcome to the Financial Modeling Guide, an online resource for free financial modeling tutorials, advice, tips and tricks.

Regardless of whether you are beginner just starting out in financial modeling and analysis, or an experienced professional looking to refresh your skill set, you will find something on Financial Modeling Guide to suit your knowledge needs.

Financial Modeling Guide shares simple guidelines for structuring and laying out spreadsheets for a financial model, and for managing their development and auditing results.

The objective of Financial Modeling Guide is to help financial modelers create spreadsheets that:

  1. Reduces “spreadsheet risk” in decision making
  2. Ensures clarity throughout creation and use
  3. Allows for easy and efficient modifications
  4. Makes “modular” teamwork possible
  5. Reduces frustration and mistakes in reviewing and auditing

Our sister site, the Finance 3.0 Network, is destination for finance professionals, entrepeneurs, investors and students to gain knowledge and connect on strategic financial management, financial modeling, financial analysis, corporate finance & valuation, quantitative finance, and accounting.

Members of Finance 3.0 can use the site for their financial modeling projects and knowledge:

  1. Share & exchange documents and spreadsheets about financial modeling and analysis
  2. Get real time, peer reviewed advice and answers to common financial modeling and financial analysis questions
  3. Extend their professional network by forming direct connections with one another
  4. Join groups to exchange views with other members that best resonate with their individual learning stage or profession

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